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„When you help the poor you are lending to the Lord - and he pays wonderful interest on your loan!”

Proverbs 19:17

04. 09 2008.
Spiritual care and church services for the homeless

We have been providing religious services and devotions for our homeless people for several years, several times a week. Our ceremonies expand continuously; for example we have introduced “silent prayer”, a weekly circle in the workshop room of the hospital. We light a candle; we sit around it and think of everyone who has no home.

We make sure that our church festivities are available to our homeless clients.  We make an effort to include the ones that feel excluded in every way. We make a special effort to enrich these times with poems, reading and singing.

We also have a weekly devotion with breakfast which is very popular even in stressful times. At these devotions we distribute short quotes from the Bible.  Each individual reads their quote (if they wish), and then there is a brief reflection on what it might mean within their life.  People share very freely in this time.   Because of their different path of lives many times they have different opinions which result in disputes but even the disputes enrich our conversation!  Together with our homeless guests, social workers also take part in these occasions. It helps to get to know each other better and also makes our guests more open towards us. 

We extended our spiritual care to the hospital patients. Our attendants may take part in all activities organized for the patients.

Order of the religious services:
09.00-11.00 – „Devotion with breakfast” (Daily Public Room)
17.00-17.40 – Evening devotion (Oltalom Hospital, 2. ward)
18.30-19.15 – Evening Devotion (Daily Public Room)

15.30-16.30 – Church service (Daily Public Room)
17.00-17.45 – Church service (Oltalom Hospital, 2. ward)
18.00-18.30 – Silent prayer (Oltalom Hospital, basement)

Consulting hours for spiritual care:
Monday: 13.00-17.00
Tuesday: only in previously arranged time
Wednesday: 09.00-11.00; 14.00-17.00
Thursday: 15.00-17.00
Friday: 09.00-11.00; 14.00-17.00