• Family care
  • Disaster relief
  • Refuges
  • Homeless care
  • Supporting the needy within and beyond our borders
„When you help the poor you are lending to the Lord - and he pays wonderful interest on your loan!”

Proverbs 19:17

04. 09 2008.
Clothes depot and dressmaker’s shop

Our dressmaker’s shop was founded in 2003 to provide for the homeless. At the beginning we produced warm bedding which were made of three layers. The top layer was made of textile pieces; the bottom layer of materials from donations and in between there was a heat insulating and waterproof material. Besides the bedding we produce waist-warmer, underwear, gloves and caps. Since the foundation of the shop our activities have grown wider. We make bed linens, splash-guards, curtains, costumes, kindergarten-bags and whatever we get a request. We also make work-clothes, T-shirts, aprons for our employees. Our shop has two full-time workers and it is a well-equipped shop with one industrial and one domestic sewing machine an overlocker and a cover stitch machine.  Donations received by Oltalom Charity Society are sorted out in the clothes depot according to the following priorities:

·          Primarily we attend to the needs of the guests of “Heated Street

·          We provide clothes for the patients in the hospital

·          We supply bedspreads, clothes and shoes for the homeless people on the streets in the 5th district

Distribution of clothes is twice a week:
Tuesday from 10 to 11.30
Thursday from 10 to 11.30.
Naturally in case of crisis we help in any time.

After sorting out the donations according to the priorities listed above, we send some of them to the needy in the countryside, mainly to the north-east of Hungary.

Many times we receive clothes that are not useable. We produce warm bedspreads, underwear and waist-warmers out of them. The clothes depot has 3 full time workers, a volunteer twice a week for 4 hours and a patient from a psychiatric ward also helps our work.