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„When you help the poor you are lending to the Lord - and he pays wonderful interest on your loan!”

Proverbs 19:17

10. 07 2006.
Heated Street
Maintainer: Hungarian Evangelical Fellowship (Since 1st of March, 2007, before: Oltalom Charity Society), Name of the institute: „Heated street” Night shelter and Daily Public Room, Leader of the institute: Mr. FARKAS, Barnabás, Address: 1086 Budapest, Dankó u. 15., Phone number: (06-1) 210-5400/ extension 143, 257., Number of supported: 100

The property was purchased in the summer of 2003 and after extensive rebuilding the Society opened new institutes for those in need. The night shelter and daily public room called “Heated Street” offers seats and beds during the winter and is open throughout the year. The shelter provides lifesaving services for those who have been crowded out of temporary hostels and are not frequent visitors of night shelters. The mission of the shelter and public room is to provide immediate assistance to the destitute.

It is open nearly 24 hours except from 8 to 9 in the morning and 4 to 5 in the afternoon when it is closed for cleaning and sterilization. Except for those hours all services  - washing, daily resting and meal warming functions as ordained by law - are available. The shelter provides temporary accommodation for self-sufficient or partly self-sufficient men and women without a home. It is unique in the capitol in that it offers lodging to couples also – men on the ground floor, women upstairs with separate bathrooms. The daily public room is available for those who require daily services (washing, resting, laundering, free time programs, health provision, advising) in the territory of the capitol.

Number of supported:
- Night shelter – in case of continuous working: 100 person, during winter time – with periodical permission: 150 person
- Daily public room: 90 persons on an average/ a specific time (with complete utilization: 160-200 person).

Among the Society’s provisions for homeless people “Heated Street” is the fist level. This condition is closest to being on the street and the shelter has adjusted its terms to it because the main purpose is to avoid – especially in the wintertime – the increased dangers (chilblain, sicknesses) and to provide possibility to a long-lasting accommodation, either in one of the social or health institutes of the Society or at another provider.
Hereby as well as the systematic assistance the social adaptation of our visitors can be more successful. 

Our guests can make use of the following services:
- A bed for one night
- Washing
- Laundering, replacement of clothes
- Warming of food
- Safe-keeping of official documents during the stay
- Provision of a postal address
- Offering information
- Recovery room for those that are waiting for hospital treatment or just out of hospital
- Spiritual care
- Mental-hygiene assistance
- Free time programs, watching TV, films
- Provision of tea and bakery goods
- Hairdressing free of charge
- Provision of books and newspapers
- Employment program for our guests (selection of donations, helping in the dressmaker’s shop)
- Handicraft activity with the guidance of an expert and the assistance of volunteers.

The night shelter works 24/7 and in order to provide for those who are in crisis the simplest terms and conditions were set:
-  Apply for services from the person on duty
- Accepting the rules of the house
- Valid proof of NPHMOS – National Public Health and Medical Officer Service (not older than 1 week) and x-ray screening (not older than 6 months). In case of a one-time employment of services these certificates are not required.

Our daily public room is available for everyone; it serves for resting as well as for recreative and cultural programs.

The services of the “Heated Street” night shelter and daily public room are free of charge.