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„When you help the poor you are lending to the Lord - and he pays wonderful interest on your loan!”

Proverbs 19:17

24. 07 2007.

Zita Kempf
"I’m a journalist, editor and social worker. I cannot tell which one most important. Maybe it is not necessary to make a distinction since – like here in the Star Hostel – one flows into the other.  Most of all I am concerned with human stories – the personal stories and also the cultural stories. I am searching for simple sentences with many layers of meaning. When I find one, I write it down. And then I put them here and there and sooner or later they become articles.”

Kriszta Tóth 
"I was born in 1967. I was already writing poems in high school: My first volume came out in 1989; it was called Autumn coat-waving. Between 1990 and 1992 I was a grant holder in Paris, since then I have been translating French literature. In 1995 my book The thread of the conversation was published in 1995, and later the Visit a French poetic anthology was published which I edited, selected and partly translated. In 1997 my book, The shadow-man appeared. In 1998 my son, Marcell was born. In 2000 I have received József-Attila prize. In 2001 Magvető Publishing House presented my new and selected poems, Dust-snow.  In 2003 Csimota Publishing House brought out my collection of poems – Teddy Bears of London - for children. In 2004 The crying canvas was published by Magvető Publishing House. Lately I have been writing short prosaic lyrics; these made the context of my book in 2006 called Barcode. The photo was made by Judit Szabó J.”

Ádám Mestyán (1979, Szeged)
Poet, aesthetician, musician with Gérecz Attila-prize. Currently he is a student of the Central-European University, candidate for a doctoral degree at ELTE, department of aesthetics.
Gabriella Györe (1974)
Poem, editor, journalist. She was born in Budapest, graduated in the Miskolc University at the department of philosophy. In the same place she was student of a PhD program concerning history and theory of literature. She is editor of a website called litera.hu. Her critiques appear in Árgus; her articles come out in litera. hu, kontextus.hu and the supplement of a daily, New Word Salon. Her poems are published in several papers, the Pannonhalma Review, ÉS, Kalligram and Salon.

Gábor Wavrik
"I was born in 1966, in Budapest. Being an economist I have worked with multinational companies for the past 16 years. In my youth my main hobby was photography and in 1999 I engaged with it more seriously when I bought my Mamiya camera set. My first photo exhibition was in 1997 at the “Cirkogejzír” movie theater (road-portraits from Asia and South-America). Since then my interest has turned into different areas of photography."
György Fenyő D.
Teacher, literary-historian (1958 - ) Workplaces: Berzsenyi Dániel High-school, Budapest (1981-2002), ELTE Radnóti Miklós Practicing School (2004 - ) Social structures: Society of teachers of Hungarian literature, vice-president His books: My school, The Bible in the literature, Poetical school. Books he edited: Who would become a reader? The rifled Móricz, From “forever Monday to the sunny stripe, Essays of the poetry of György Petri, Point of views and motives.

Tamás Schüttler 
 "Exactly at 60, I look upon myself as a budding author although half of my life was spent on writing and editing. For more than 15 years as the editor of a scientific review I tired to realize the dream of my childhood: to write about people and their fate. Up to now I hid behind the serious lines of an interview or the editor’s letter to show what was coming from the depth of my soul. Meanwhile I was writing mostly for myself and the desk drawer. Sometimes a literary report or a sociography of mine came out, and I became the publicist of a daily.  So I regard this past six decade as a preparation to write the things that give me no respite and regard them as important. Who knows if I can succeed?
Dóra Esze
She writes prose; she would like to write often but rarely can. She was born at the last Christmas of the great decade in a historical family in Budapest. Historical family… what a promising construction! First the family perished from her, then the history. The rest is literature.

Anna Pálfi 
"I was born in 1969, Budapest. I graduated as a media-educator but unfortunately I have never tested myself in my profession. I worked at the Százhalombatta and in a government office in the social field for ten years, and then I became a direct colleague of the mayor at the press and PR department. Later I started to work in the Central-European Cultural Institute and at the same time I was editorial member of the periodical European Traveler. Currently I am an editor of a publishing house and journalist at a paper called Érd Journal. In my remaining time I am building my exhibition organizing venture and I write whenever I can.   I see the world through a “rain-soaked glass: clearly but with some distortion.”

Attila Csikós - writer
He was born in 1969, Szombathely. He writes mostly journalism, short stories and dramas. He has published in literary periodicals and dailies. He works in theatres as a dramaturge and author. He is founder and general editor of the periodical Ártér (Wash land). Up to the present he has published five volumes.


Katalin Scheer 
She was born on the 20th of May, 1969, Siófok. She graduated from high school in Kaposvár and got her diploma in the Szeged University in the German department. She is a translator and copy editor. Her first book came out in 2005 at the Noran Publishing House: “Nefelé” – an adventurous story for kind and dispirited children.  The fairy tale novel was acknowledged with second prize at the “Our sweet mother tongue” competition. Later it received the prize of “Children’s book of the year” from the Hungarian Section of the National Committee of Children’s Book. Her first adult book came out at the end of 2006 by the Noran Publishing House: Tango by metronome

Gábor Szántó T. 
He is a writer, poet, and essayist. He was born in 1966, Budapest. He graduated from the Eötvös Lóránd University in the department of law. His new volumes: Keleti Station, final stop (novel, 2002), Camp Santa Claus (short stories, 2004). His works are translated to English, German, Dutch, Italian, Romanian and Bulgarian language.
Since 1991 he has been editor in chief of the Sabbath, Jewish political and cultural periodical. (www.szombat.org).
He organized different conferences in collaboration with others: The mode of existence of the Hungarian-Jewish literature; Diaspora and art; Jewish lives on Hungarian film; Jewish lives in the Hungarian theatre; new anti-Semitism.  His conferences have also been published. He received the prize of the Lajos Nagy Literary and Art Foundation in 1995 for one of his short stories. In the autumn of 2003 he was a grant holder of the Writer’s Program at the University of Iowa.