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  • Refuges
  • Homeless care
  • Supporting the needy within and beyond our borders
„When you help the poor you are lending to the Lord - and he pays wonderful interest on your loan!”

Proverbs 19:17

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05. 11 2015.
This is what’s happening here with the refugee situation – 3 November, 2015
Dear Friends and Supporters, We continuously help the refugees, even if we have to change direction depending on where our support is most of all needed.
18. 09 2015.
Our journey to Croatia − What happened on 18 September 2015
Dear Friends and Supporters, On Thursday, 17 September our President, Gábor Iványi, and two others set out for Tovarnik in Croatia with a microbus full of donated goods. The consignment, weighing a tonne, consisted of 450 raincoats, 150 tents, polyfoam, warm clothes, blankets, 300 1.5-litre bottles of mineral water, baby baths, baby garments, baby foods, chees, apples (bananas are less sought after), 100 litres of milk, "all the bread in the district", fruit juice, and sweetmeats.
09. 09 2015.
Hungarian Evangelical Fellowship (MET) 2 September 2015
Latest news in relation to the refugees
06. 10 2011.
Succesful introduction of the Oltalom Cultural Circle
The Hungarian Village Health Academy organized a conference called „To ensure equal opportunity in general health care for groups at a disadvantage” in the Chief Medical Office on the 20th of September 2011.