Oltalom Charity Society’s activities:
– Provision of information, dissemination of general knowledge, spiritual care, rehabilitative services
– Social services including family care and care of the elderly
– Health-oriented functions including preventive and therapeutic medical assistance
– Education and nurturance, personal counseling, forming of communities
– Assistance to socially-abandoned and disadvantaged persons including employment counseling and placement
– Activities related to the support of minorities in Hungary and Hungarians in other countries
– Welfare and legal assistance to children and adolescents
– Scientific research, including surveys connected to the various activities of the Shelter


Medical care of homeless people:
– Clinical assessment and care by medical personnel including minor surgery
– Dental care (500 patients/year)
– Consultation by a dermatologist (1200 patients/year)
– Ambulance (24 hours a day)
– Thirty-bed hospital with 24-hour care (500 patients/year)
– Psychiatric hospital with 20 beds and 24-hour care
– A heated and air-conditioned street shelter (15 crisis-beds)

Social provision for homeless people:
– Night shelter- two locations (200 beds, in winter 280 beds)
– Daily public room – two locations (250 seats)
– Social services – two locations (3600 people/year)
– Food support – communal kitchen (150 lunches/day)
– Temporary hostel for men (50 beds)
– Temporary hostel for women (64 beds)
– Regular clothing distribution
– Street social work (5200 people/year)
– Legal assistance
– Spiritual care

Child welfare
– Temporary home for families (28 beds)

Support of refugees, Hungarians in other countries, and victims of natural disasters:
Oltalom Charity Society provides help for victims of natural disasters within and beyond the boundaries of Hungary and for refugees entering Hungary from around the world. The Ministry of the Interior, the UN and other agencies send foreigners to the Oltalom Refugee Shelter in Budapest.

Other services:
– Devotional services each Sunday and Thursday
– Workshops in handcrafts led by local artists and volunteers at each of the Shelter locations
– Distribution of clothing to homeless people twice a week

Family Care:
– Oltalom Centers are situated in six different locations, with an administrative center in Budapest.
– 500-600 families are supported each year.
– More than 150 children attend summer camps in Hejce (Borsod County) each year.