Maintainer: Oltalom Charity Society, Name of institute: Temporary Home for Families, Leader of institute: Mrs. DUCSAY (Brigitta Süth), Address: private, Phone nimber: (+36-1) 210-5400, Number of beds: 28

In the years of the change of national regime increasing numbers of claims for service emerged – owing to economic and family conflicts – to accommodate homeless mothers with their children together. This institution has been functioning since January 1993 and up to 2000 the Self-government of Budapest was its operator. Since the 1st of January 2000 Oltalom Charity Society has been its maintainer.

The Temporary Home for Families belongs to the system of the basic provision of child welfare. Its main responsibility is to accommodate mothers. The 31st law of 1997 declares that at the request of the roofless parent the child (children) and mother should be accommodated together when their lodging is not guaranteed otherwise and without this type of accommodation they would be separated.
The primary task of the Home is prevention, to avoid the state care of children. The most frequent causes of request for admission are deteriorating relationships, deviation, aggression in the family, lack of inhabitance and poverty.   28 persons (12 mothers and 16 children) can be accommodated in the Home.

Common premises are available: 2 kitchens, 3 bathrooms and also a big garden. Bedclothes, tableware and cleaning agents are provided.
The working staff of the home has grown accustomed to each other over the years.  Their  tasks are done independently but cooperatively. They deal with clients individually and prepare a plan of care for each one. We act with them – to find a way out and solutions – according to their conceptions and purposes.

In order to solve problems we make an effort to clear up family relationships and search for other agencies to help effect a settlement. Within the frame of family care – on the basis of a personal plan of care and education – our staff takes an interest in the physical, emotional, intellectual and moral development of the children.